What does this book have to do with MCs and PSBs?

When Sammy and Lindsay hear about a world of love and respect the likes of which they had never even dreamed about, where people are very careful about how they treat one another, and people understand each other and never hurt each other, they knew it was where they had to go. You may not have a flying carpet, but you MAY choose this type of life!

It requires three things: adapting the MC (microcommunity) lifestyle, using PSB™s to greatly enhance social communications, and adapting authoritative parenting styles such as P.E.T. (Parent Effectiveness Training) rather than permissive or authoritarian ones. Other acceptable authoritative parenting styles <<<—— on the lower right on that page.
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Free Children's Fantasy Adventure Ebook


The full version of our kid's book, with optional sounds, is free and you may download it or see it as an online free ebook for kids.

Is this a good online book for kids? Is this a good child's ebook? Yes! See the reviews. You can call this Children's Fantasy Adventure Ebook a child's adventure, a child's fantasy, but we like to call it an adventure fantasy book for children. See flying video!

The FREE ebook should be quite enough to get anyone interested in this book. The two children do what our forefathers did when they found life in Europe too oppressive. They searched for a more loving and happy place to be, a less stifling place that wasn't about saying "yes sir" to kings and aristocrats but instead about freedom. The idea of there being no room for the common people's opinions or their peaceful dessent was too much for the forefathers to stand, so they found a new world! And so do Sammy and Lindsay, in this kid's ebook storybook.

This free online kid's book is HTML, which means two things: You don't need ANY reader to read it and it will work on ANYONE's computer. Feel free to download this downloadable ebook or see it online. More.

Download our free Children's Fantasy Adventure Ebook free. You can get it
here. We sell lots of stuff in addition to children's fantasy books and children's adventure books, as you can see here, so we're used to dealing with online purchases (secure payment processing only), and have been doing this for years, and we keep on growing—so we must be doing something right! See video of the kids flying!

If you want to get the paperback version shipped to you (free book, $4.95 shipping), you can do so here. We have under 100 left, and when they're gone, they're GONE, so if you like physical story books for kids, we have this kid's book in that form as well. Why get a physical book instead of an ebook? You can hold it in your hand and cuddle up with your chilld and read it to him or her.

Did we mention there are sound effects and even two and a half minutes of music in our Children's Fantasy Adventure Ebook? Try to find that in other ebooks! There are 20 sound effects and 26, full-page, 975 x 1400 (pixels), warm, human pictures from an extremely capable artist, Gregg Davidson. More info here.